Danica Patrick finishes 8th at Daytona 500

By: Richie Boswell -Daytona Beach, FL

Danica Patrick came in with a lot of hype and a lot of new NASCAR fans and let me tell you, she delivered on all cylinders. Regardless if she finished 8th, she still finished in the top 10 at Daytona, which is the best finish by any women to race the 500. Danica is something to watch this entire NASCAR season as she tries to show the sports world that she can dominate a firmly male dominated sport.

Danica impressed me in Daytona today as she never got rattled even when she fell behind. She always picked herself back up and got herself in contention. Danica was the 2nd women to lead a green flagged lap at any NASCAR event in history as well as the best finish at Daytona by any women and of course was the first women to take the pole position at any race. Despite struggling a little bit out of the pit, she really held her own and had a very solid race.

Now, Danica can be a bigger threat if she took some more risks by trying to pass and really getting herself out there, but eventually with time and a little bit more experience this issue will be resolved. Lets be honest, Danica had so many positives in this race that I, who really didn’t watch NASCAR in the past, got on pins and needles during the race and eventually gained a fan in NASCAR. Danica has to be so proud of herself and take this momentum into Phoenix next week, which by the way is her hometown.

Danica’s keys for next week in Phoenix:
1. Keep that steady pace, like she did today

As long as she manages herself and her car with ease and just keeps control under pressure, I guarantee she will keep the contention in Phoenix and a possible checkered flag.

2. Be more assertive and aggressive

She needs to get comfortable, breathe, and take those chances when feel needed. She needs to come out of the pit with aggression and the thought process of victory running through the mind. She has the ability and most definitely has the car to get the job done.

3. She is a winner

Danica is a winner! Just by watching her today at Daytona, she has all the tools to pull out a victory. She has to want it and as I said in the 2nd key, she just needs to solidify her presence by being more aggressive.

All these keys to winning are obvious and all I can really top this headline off with is, I hope she wins eventually and I will be pulling for her in the future in every race along with the many new fans she has attracted to NASCAR. Not only does NASCAR and the media need Danica, but I need you as fan, along with all the other fans that praise you now. I hope this is the start for a great year and career for Danica and most importantly, a women in a male dominated sport.
Go Danica!

One thought on “Danica Patrick finishes 8th at Daytona 500

  1. Richie and Hunter, it is great that two young men such as you both report on all the great sports out there. We are great fans of you’re reports on Dannica Patrick, NASCAR 1st female driver’s accomplishments. Like you, we look forward to the next NASCAR report.

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