What's up sports fans?

Rich “The Grinch” Boswell and Hunter “Harlem” Sundbeck are both avid sports afficionados! “As long as there’s a game playing, there’s a game worth watching!” states the RH Factors Sports Show’s, Hunter Sundbeck. “Like your body needs blood, the world needs sports!” philosophizes Rich Boswell. “Frankly,” he adds, “if it was between watching a good game and porn, well…we don’t have a porn radio show and blog!” Harlem shakes is head, “That would be very interesting, having two guys do a porn radio show and blog!”

Grinch laughs.

This isn’t just an ordinary sports blog, this is “The RH Factor Sports Blog!” They do it the “RH Factor” way! Read a new blog every Sunday at 5 p.m. ct. Also, go and listen to their daily, “The RH Factor Sports Show,” at Blog Talk Radio. Just go over to Blog Talk Radio and type in the search engine, “RH Factor Sports Show.” And don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and download any of their podcasts on itunes. Also, subscribe to this blog!

“Remember, if you didn’t hear it from us, then it’s just a rumor!”

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