Tiger Woods is back?

Golf is back and the fans are ready as well. The Farmers Insurance Open kicked off on Thursday and even though not all of the top golfers showed up to this event, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are in their second event of the golf season, along with many others. Golf is coming up as a popular sport, especially for younger adults, who are striving to become the next Tiger Woods. Who knows when that next Tiger Woods shows up, but all in all, fans will be waiting for that moment and players will striving for that moment of glory and when we find that kind of talent, we will be ready for it.

Tiger will be coming back stronger than ever this year. He has done some swing modifications to work on his fairway and green accuracy and so far through the Farmers Insurance Open, he has done exactly what he sought out to do. Ever since the sex scandal, we never got the full glimpse of the real Tiger Woods. The one who in clutch fashion sunk that birdie putt on the 18th hole at the 2008 US Open and flashed the most extraordinary fist pump I have ever seen or how about the time he pulled off what was simply just a miracle when he chipped his ball at Augusta in the 2005 Masters. We have not seen the full glimpse of the real Tiger Woods the last couple of seasons, but I suspect that this is the year that Tiger gets back on track and dominates the playing field.

This is the bounce back year and the 37 year-old is going to do it like the old Tiger. Of course there might be bumps along the way, but I have sinking feeling that Tiger will get the jobs done necessary on his quest to becoming the best golfer ever. That all can happen, but he has to pass Jack Nicklaus first and then and only then can we crown Tiger the best golfer.

Bold Prediction for Tiger Woods: Wins 6 regular tournaments, including 2 majors, and gets back to number 1 in golf

By: Richie Boswell