Recap the Best of 2012

Hello everyone! In the upcoming show on December 31st, we will be recaping the greatest moments of 2012 in sports. But what defines a great moment? A last-second score? A surprise victory? A kind soul sacrificing for the good of others? The answer to the question is all of these. Each one could be a great moment and each solidified its place in history amongst the great games and moments in sports. Some relevant memories are Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman as a freshman and the replacement officials determining the outcome of the Packers/Sea Hawks game. Not all moments could be great, but none the less, they are solidified moments in sports history. A few years from now, players from both teams will say, and I hope they meet this year in the playoffs, “remember when Golden Tate was given that catch by replacement refs to win the game?” Trust me, we will all laugh at that down the road. Tune in at 12:30 CT December 31st to hear all the best moments brought to you in one exciting hour!